How To Update Print Credit

1. Login to geog40 remotely and become root.

2. Switch to the print directory:

geog40:~: cd /export/data/geoglab/admin/how-to/rootstuff/db

3. Dump the current print account database into a file (I always liked to name the file by month and date, e.g. 08oct):

geog40:/export/data/geoglab/admin/how-to/rootstuff/db: dbdump ddmon

4. The database is not in alphabetical order--use sort to sort it in a new file (I usually rename by adding the year, e.g. 08 oct > 08oct99):

geog40:/export/data/geoglab/admin/how-to/rootstuff/db: sort ddmon > ddmonyy

5. Using the pico text editor, open the ddmonyy file to change the accounts:

geog40:/export/data/geoglab/admin/how-to/rootstuff/db: pico ddmonyy

Pico is nice for updates since it has a search function (use control-w to find the user you're looking for) and it's plain text so it will work from a telnet window.

How to read the Print Credit file:

username: a) b) c) d)

a) The free usage (the amount of free credit that the user has already utilized);

b) The free credit (the amount of credit funded by Department or Research grants--paid through FAS);

c) The paid usage (the amount of printing the user has paid for and used);

d) The paid credit (the amount the user has paid directly for--receipts in receipt book).

e) In the example below, aadams has paid for $6.00 of printing and has used $6.20 worth. She'll need to pay for the additional 20 cents in addition to any further print credit before she can print again. In comparison, adesch was given $10 of free credit due to his work as an FRA, and he has used $5.50 of that credit.

f) The database automatically debits the free credit first and, at present, there is no way to tell the printer which credit to use.

g) The -1 notation in the free credit column of andie's account tells the printer that she had unlimited usage (because she was part of the computing staff).

6. Scroll to the account that you want to edit:

7. Make the change -- in this case adding $2.00 to atompkin's account:

8. Control-X to Exit: (Y at "Save Modified Buffer..."):

9. Hit return to save changes under existing filename:

10. Type dbload ddmonyy to load the revised database: