Forwarding folders via Pine

From the slightly-more-obscure-Pine-tricks department, I wanted to
point out that you can not only collect all e-mails pertaining to
a particular subject into a folder, you can also forward that
folder along as an attachment in an e-mail.

This could be exceptionally handy if you were, say, handing off all
e-mails pertaining to a particular customer to another IC because
of a reorg which meant that someone else was handling that account
from now on. For instance.

More importantly, creating a folder in your mail account takes all
of the e-mails in that folder and turns them into one long text file
in your homespace. This means that it can easily be FTP'd to another
location (say, off of your homespace and onto your PC/Mac). For
things like creating documentation, the benefit should be obvious.

To forward a folder:

a) Collect the mails into a single folder.

From the Inbox window, type "s" for save, and give the folder a name.

> SAVE Msg #7 to folder [saved-messages] : {name the new folder}
> Folder "name" doesn't exist. Create? {Type "y"}
> [Message 7 copied to folder "name" and deleted]

Depending on your config, you may have deleted the message but not
eXpunged it (a "D" appears to the left of the message but it
hasn't disappeared entirely). Type "x" to make all deleted messages

b) Begin to compose your folder-forwarding e-mail.

c) Move the cursor to the third line, "Attchmnt:". Note that the bottom
right of the menubar at the bottom of your window has
changed: instead of ^T (Control-T) taking you to the spellchecker,
it takes you to the files in your homespace. Do this (hold down the
Control key and type "t").

d) Your window should change to a list of files in your homespace. Along
with any other files in your homespace, there should be a mail dir:
> mail (dir)

Move the cursor to highlight this directory and hit return.

e) Inside that directory should be any and all mail folders you've
created. Select the one you want, and you should be taken back to
your e-mail with the "Attchmnt:" window looking like this:

> Attchmnt: /home/username/mail/foldername (xxx KB)

The text of that folder, as one long text file, will accompany the e-mail
as an attachment.

Please note that the folder can be quite long, so a delay should be
expected in sending or opening the document. Also, Pine folders don't
automatically sort by date, so the text of the e-mails will present the
messages in order of their arrival in the folder and not necessarily in
their order by date.

In addition, the first few lines of the text will be internal data by the
Mailer-Daemon used to process the text as individual messages; ignore this.