Geog-Help Monitoring Procedure

Geog-Helps are expected to be monitored on a regular basis during normal business hours (9-5 M-F). If you have a lab shift during these hours, then the task of assigning any and all geog-helps that come in during this time will fall to you. If there are any questions about a particular geog-help you can e-mail or zwrite me for clarification (e.g. "where should this one go?") but you'll need to get your feet wet, if you haven't already, in going to Gadmin and figuring out which request should go to which person.

1. Administrative Geog-Helps

Whenever anything comes in to Geog-Help which is administrative in nature (keys, FAS numbers, telephone bills, xerox codes, classrooms), the GH should be reassigned in the "Front Office" category.

To do this, type "m" at the prompt:

| REQUEST (4892)> m
| Organization? Type '?' for more detail:
| 1) Research
| 2) Academic
| 3) Systems
| 4) Front Office
| Which? :

You'll then have the opportunity to choose a category when you type "4":

| Which? : 4
| Category? Type '?' for more detail:
| 1) Applications Support
| 2) Systems Support
| 3) Hardware
| 4) Printer Support
| 5) Backups
| 6) Account Services
| 7) Miscellaneous
| Which? :

You can choose a category if the geog-help in question clearly fits one of the options; otherwise simply leave it as office and Wilhelmina will forward it to the proper person.

Note that you are not using "a" to assign these geog-help, merely moving it with "m" to a different category.

2. Tech staff Geog-Helps

By and large the majority of Geog-Helps which are requested will fall to one of the members of the tech staff. Here is a very, very broad list of each person's fields:

Kevin: Anything having to do with computer accounts (except on PCs)
Open Lab matters
Web pages
...assign to khollenb

Vinesh: UNIX
The Network
Other hardware (printers, drives, etc.)
...assign to vinesh

Jenny: PC questions, especially dealing with the department network.
Windows 95
...assign to jehu

E-mail questions should be assigned depending on the system it came from (e.g. a problem with Eudora for Macintosh would go to me, but a problem with Pegasus Mail for Windows would go to Jenny).

It is an easy matter to reassign a geog-help which has been directed to the wrong person, and we would much rather see the geog-helps assigned in a conscientious (if occassionally incorrect) manner than to allow geog-helps to dwindle unassigned. When in doubt, send it along. We'll redirect if necessary.

3. Schedule of Geog-Help monitoring

This is absolutely essential, and is part of the job description (or will be, as soon as the web pages are updated) for Lab Assistant. We offer Geog-Help as a service to the department, but in order for us to respond promptly to requests they must be assigned as soon as possible.

You are each expected to check Gadmin for new Geog-Help requests EVERY fifteen minutes while on duty. This means that every Geog-Help should remain in the queue no longer than fifteen minutes at a time before being assigned to someone on the staff.

Please do your best to make sure that this is being taken care of as part of your regular routine. If you have a deluge of students who need assistance, then a sign-up sheet, in which each student signs up for five or ten or fifteen minute intervals and you sign "geog-help" to reserve regular intervals for checking gadmin, may be in order.

This is a very, very easy thing to monitor since each Geog-Help contains within in not only the time it was announced, but also the time it was assigned. It doesn't take a great deal of time -- maybe two minutes each time you check.