Kevin Hollenbeck

Over ten years experience in multimedia development, focusing on multitasking, designing, and troubleshooting. A pioneering, innovative and practical professional who analyzes and solves complex problems and develops and implements improved procedures, leading to higher productivity.

Absolute Quality, Inc., Hunt Valley, Maryland


Frontline Technical Support, Apple Computer, Inc.
Responsibilities included representation of Apple Computer through each step of the technical support process, providing live updates to the corporate database while guiding customers to total satisfaction.
* Mentored and coached trainees, staff members and Team Leads in advanced Macintosh troubleshooting techniques, frequently contributing to Apple's own internal database by developing and forwarding clearly written documentation for solutions to previously undiscovered problems.
* Attained a 93% first call resolution ratio within the second month of performance.
* Utilized on-line resources to quickly assess existing support levels and troubleshoot issues across the entire spectrum of customer experience while maintaining a professional and pleasant point-of-contact.
Rude Mechanicals, Laurel, Maryland


Director, Web Developer, Sound Designer, Actor
Responsibilities included artistic development of all components of a Washington Post-acclaimed production of Twelfth Night and significant technical, stagecraft, design, acting and choreography contributions to innovative Shakespearean theatre for the 2000-2001 season.
Cidera, Inc., Laurel, Maryland


Installations Team Lead
Responsibilities included supervision of six-person team through each step of the Installations process and developing processes for documentation of inter-department operations and escalations.
* Established the Implementation Department's internal web site and provided written and supervisory instruction and troubleshooting in HTML to the Implementation Department, significantly enhancing departmental operations.
* Designed original graphics & templates for web-based documentation between teams and constructed interactive templates for international shipping forms to be used by Implementation and RMA.
* Implemented a wireless networked Macintosh file server for hardware updates and administrative file sharing of weekly reports, and provided Macintosh systems support for the Installations Manager and other team leads.
University of Maryland Department of Geography, College Park, Maryland


Assistant Systems Administrator
Responsibilities included Macintosh systems support to senior faculty, development of web, Mac and Unix training and support materials in web and print format, and implementation of internal and external web sites for 150 person department, which uses 10% of total University of Maryland research grants (over $10 million a year).
* Innovated and systematized templates for significant enhancement and streamlining of new student registration process, whereby Unix and printing accounts are now brought online within a few hours instead of several days.
* Edited and consolidated help documents into comprehensive internal web site and revised public web site; mentored graduate students in HTML and web design to help update web sites as needed.
* Coordinated Mac, PC, & Unix systems support with technical staff, including managing and mentoring the ten person staff of the Unix Graphics Lab and administrating the Department's Unix accounts.
 University of Tulsa Department of English, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Writing Instructor & Lab Assistant
Responsibilities included teaching several different sections of undergraduate Writing courses (ENGL 1003, 1013, and 1023), including the landmark use of on-line tools such as mailing lists, newsgroups, and original web pages designed for each course and a variety of on-line research techniques.
* Tutored students requiring assistance on Writing Program assignments and provided on-site Macintosh technical support for network and printing troubleshooting for department's Computer Supported Writing Center, a resource utilized by the entire University population including every first year student.
* Functioned as liaison between Computer & Information Resources and the Department of English.
* Mentored both individuals and large workshops of undergraduates, graduates, and faculty in a variety of Macintosh computer skills and on-line technologies, including HTML, FTP, WWW, and e-mail.

 Doctoral candidate in English, University of Tulsa
(Completion of all pre-examination coursework and language certification)


 Master of English Language and Literature, University of Tulsa


 Bachelor of English, cum laude, St. Mary's College of Maryland


 Bachelor of Dramatic Arts, cum laude, St. Mary's College of Maryland


Web Design & Development: GoLive, ImageReady & PageMill; Dreamweaver & Fireworks; BBEdit.
Graphics: Photoshop & Illustrator; GraphicConverter; Freehand; Painter.
Desktop Publishing: Acrobat Pro & Pagemaker; QuarkXpress; WordPerfect; Office (Word, Excel).
Multimedia: Quicktime Pro, iMovie & iDVD; Premiere & After Effects; Office (Powerpoint).

 Macintosh (through OS 9.2 & OS X 10.2); Windows (9x, NT, 2000); Unix (NetBSD and Solaris).

 Digital portfolio available online at